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Ateliers galerie Patoune-Stages résidentiels peinture en notre Maison galerie chambres d'hôtes Om'Sleeping B&B Laudun /Gard près d'Avignon, Uzès, Orange, Nimes/sud Occitanie
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It is a place of professional teaching, bright , spacious , free of expression , meticulously studied in its layout of living and working space where it is good to paint in complete serenity.


in this artistic incubator reign exchange and conviviality .

everything is at your disposal to create in the best conditions  and allow you to fully live your activity  giving it a deeper meaning.


an asserted personality or not  can express himself very well with few things!

Creativity does not necessarily need big speeches! some supplies , the right inspiration and you're done!!


However, creating remains an important moment in the life of an artist to nourish his work, often born of a solitary universe.


My objective is to boost the artistic sensitivities of each one, sometimes remaining dormant but which will undeniably reveal themselves over the course of the sessions by the observation of formidable unsuspected expressions and personal writing, revealing great talents.


The emotional feeling of this constructive , enriching , overwhelming experience sometimes remains mute and silent at the union of two worlds , that of the artist and his inner self.


They will be there... and you ?


                           Opening time  of our GALLERY PATOUNE space


                         FROM TUESDAY  see you on Friday  3 - 7 PM

                                                               Where  on appointment


                                                           +33 0612  315,002

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