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welcome to the patoune workshops! 

 I N S C R I P T I O N



  throughout the year







  • I NITIATIONS/ p rofessionals


  • IN GROUP and/or SOLO


  • adults/ teenagers/ children


  •   from abstraction to figuration




    You doubt for a moment , you hesitate to take the plunge and yet a little voice will slip into your ear that you have to dare ...


      Throughout the year, a rich and colorful palette of artistic activities  offered in the workshop seduces young and old.


                           Here, no judgement... nor denigration towards and against all

    :                      the respect in the broad sense of the term by word, attitude and deed is in order!

                                  everyone has their place and has the merit of giving the best of themselves!






    TRAINING and TECHNIQUE / oil-acrylic painting / with a knife

    Emphasis is placed on techniques whose teaching requires reciprocal exchange , listening , rigor , observation , respect By targeted and personalized support at the level , rhythm , needs and sensitivity of each.


    The right choices will make your difference! :


    Beginners , Novices , amateurs , insiders and professionals will discover and strengthen their knowledge during the various courses , weekly lessons  and occasional workshops.


    We always strive to design workshops suitable for everyone , to listen to your expectations and requirements in order to encourage your creativity .


    Oil and/or Acrylic will be the main materials you choose to study through the handling of knives and brushes by choosing a figurative, semi-figurative , abstract or semi-abstract work that will define the direction of your technique.


    In order to respond very precisely to all specific requests . associations , predefined groups or individuals for teaching in your premises or here at the workshops , I invite you and thank you for contacting us to set our first appointment .


    A very big thank you to all to honor the workshops which , without you would not be what they are!

    it is thanks to your presence , trust , loyalty , enthusiasm , creative energy , good humor , independence and artistic strength that his big heart beats .


    looking forward to meeting you or meeting you very soon... here or elsewhere  !  



                               Opening time  of our GALLERY PATOUNE space


                             FROM TUESDAY  see you on Friday  3 - 7 PM

                                                                   Where  on appointment


                                                               +33 0612  315,002

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